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Welcome to the page dedicated to CMSimple (XH) plugins. I made them because I either needed them or because it was fun to develop them. I hope that you will like them and find them valuable. 

All plugins on this website are now rewritten to php 7.x and CMSimple XH ver. 1.7.x.

There are also changes to the license terms for using plugins. All plugins are now freely available under the Linkware License, and you can use them as they are or modify them to suit your needs. The only limitations are:

  1. Plugins on this site are for personal use and may not be distributed or redistributed neither in their original or modified form.
  2. The link to my website must be respected and may not be removed or hidden unless you have purchased a Remove Link license.

Commercial version has been stopped from now on, which means that future testing and documentation will be somewhat looser and depends on your support. Remove Link license is charged, and It's not because I'm missing money, but I love being recognized for my work.

If you have previously purchased a Commercial License for one or more of my plugins, your license is automatically transferred to the Remove Link license and you may hide the link to my website in the present and any future version of your plugin.

All plugins have been developed and tested for CMSimple XH fork of CMSimple cms, but some of them were developed long before CMSimple became branched and may be they still works in other branches of the CMSimple family. Others are not system dependent. They are freely available, so try it out.


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All plugins on this site are validated according to CMSimple_XH standard 





Newsbox Rotator demo


Hold the cursor over Newsbox Rotator area to pause rotation.Move the mouse outside area to continue rotation.

In CMSimple XH not published news are not visible in News Rotator. 



Newsbox Rotator demo

Newsbox Rotator Test 1

Newsbox_1 test test test


test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 test6 test7 test8 test9 

Newsbox Rotator demo

CMSimple plugin: Newsbox Rotator
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