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Table Tool

Table Tool is designed to display and edit Form Mailer log files, that stores content of any mail sent through Form Mailer. If you use Form Mailer for signing up for an event or polls or like, then Table Tool can on the fly display user defined selected fields of the received mails stored in Form Mailer logs.

In addition Table Tool can display and edit any comma (or other user defined delimiter) separated file as a sorted table.

Showing selected entries from Form Mailer demo 

Event From DateEvent To DateInerestColor NameAge   Item   
05.12.201724.12.2017Computers, ArtGreen + vcontent #p2#61-90item3
11.04.201818.04.2018Blue (Variable Content test var 3 = 333.33)31-60Green
01.05.201808.05.2018ComputersRed Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)0-30Green
16.07.201801.07.2018Art, MusicRed Variable Content test var 1 = #p1#)0-30Green, Blue
09.08.201818.08.2018Computers, Art, MusicUnspecified default comma delimiter changed to ;31-60Red, Green
21.03.201928.03.2019ComputersUnspecified default comma delimiter changed to ;31-60Blue
20.03.201928.03.2019ComputersUnspecified default comma delimiter changed to ;0-30Red
10.10.201910.10.2019ComputersRed Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)91-120Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White
24.01.202126.01.2021MusicRed Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)0-30Yellow
15.03.202224.03.2022Red Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)0-30Red
15.03.202224.03.2022Red Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)0-30Red
15.03.202224.03.2022Red Variable Content test var 1 = 111,50)0-30Red
02.05.202217.05.2022Unspecified default comma delimiter changed to ;31-60Red, Green
CMSimple plugin: Table Tool
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2. Installation 

Download and uncompress tabletool_XH.zip
Upload the entire tabletool directory to  your "plugins" directory. 

3. Configuration

To activat the plugin insert {{ {tabletool(file_name, fields, table_headers, sort, selection_fields, subgroupstr);}}} on a page.

  • filename, is a string with the filename (the the path to the fil is defined in config.php)
  • fields is a sting with a zero based selection of fields from the original file delimited by comma, f.ex. 4,2 will show field 4 from the file in the first colon and field 2 in the second. 
  • table headers: is a string with a comma separted list of headers to show in columns corresponding to fields. the column parser metadata can be specified in brackets f. ex. Sex(text).
  • sort the value contains an array of instructions for per-column sorting and direction in the format: [[columnIndex, sortDirection], ... ] where columnIndex is a zero-based index for your columns left-to-right and sortDirection is 0 for Ascending and 1 for Descending. A valid argument that sorts ascending first by column 1 and then column 2 looks like: [0,0],[1,0].
  • selection_fields = is a zero based comma separated list of colons where the same value occurs repeatedly f.ex country names.
  • subgroup, is a comma separated list of indexes and values selected to output table. "4, abcd efg, 7, hij k" means selsct only elements with value "abcd efg" in colon 4 and value "hij k" in colon 7. Right now the maximum number of subgroups is 3.

Fields: sort, selection_fields and subgroupstr are optional.and if not in use may be repalced by value null 

The table on this page is crated by a call to

{ {{tabletool("test_log.txt","5,6,7,8,9,11","Event From Date,Event To Date,Inerest,Color Name,Age,Item","[0,0],[2,0]","4,5", null);}}} (please remove a space between {{)

4. Compatibility

TableTool plugin is tested with CMSimple_XH versions 1.7.2 and is php 7 ready

5. History

version 1.0.0

6. Known Problems

7. Future development

8. Acknowledgement

jQuery tablesorter v. 2.0

jQuery editTable v. 020

9. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

© simpleSolutions 2017-2018.


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