Terms of use:
Newsletter may only be used to send messages to subscribers who voluntary have agreed to receive messages from your website by subscribing. All other use is to be regarded as spamming and is prohibited.


Newsletter can send unlimitted number of newsleters and, depending of newsleter size, is capable to send up to 800-1000 letters per minute. Please be aware of that many providers have restriction on amount of bulk mails so to be on the safe side check out with your provider.

Table of Content

  1. License and purchase 
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. How it works
  5. Compatibility
  6. History
  7. Known problems
  8. Future development
  9. Acknowledgement
  10. Disclaimer

1. License and purchase


Remove Link License:




2. Installation  

Newsletter requires a preinstalled pluginloader.
Download and uncompress 
Upload the entire newsletter folder to your "plugins" directory.  

Then follow these 2 steps:  

  1. Create a new subscription page and insert:

    #CMSimple $output.=newsletter('My Newsletter 11');#

    some place on your page (use single quotes only).This page will be used to subscribe to your newsletter. You can call it "Subscribe single Newsletter" or anything else. 
  2. Create a second page with the title My Newsletter 11 (same title as you specified on the page to administration of subscribers ). This is the page where you create your newsletters content.  

To create multiple newsletters repeat step 1 and 2. Remember to name pages something else (for instance "My Newsletter 2").  

To create a subscription page with subscription to multiple Newsletters insert a comma separated list of newsltters:

#CMSimple $output.=newsletter('My Newsletter 11, My Newsletter 12, And so on');#
or in CMsimple_XH just { {{newsletter('My Newsletter 11, My Newsletter 12, And so on');}}} (with no spaces between {{)

and create corresponding Newsletter content pages as described above.



3. Configuration 

Configuration in language files: 

Configuration of stylesheets for subscription form .

You may change the values of css classes newsletter_label and newsletter_inputfiel to feet the with of your template.

Newsletter Templates:

Newsletter contains a HTML template that is copied to each created newsletter. Multilanguage sites are supported too. Templates contains 3 predefined placeholders: {NOT_READABLE}, {CONTENT} and {UNUBSCRIBE}. To show Text fields defined in group subscriber in language file insert placeholders named {TEXTFIELD_1}, {TEXTFIELD_2} and so on.

Farther there is defined a template for the confirmation sent to the user after subscription and unsusbscription. This template contains only one placeholder that will be replaced with corresponding text based on confirmation setup in configutation file.

All templates are editable from admin section of Newsletter plugin.

4. How it works

It depends of your provider and the restrictions on your mail server if you can send bulk mail at all.

Below is a look of Newsletters sending page.


If "Send test mail" is checked then you send only one newsletter to yourself. Check the content, inks and images and if your newsletter is as expected then uncheck the check box and push "Publish" again.

Sending of newsletters begins. You will first se a screen with sending instruction. After a few seconds the screen is refreshed and the mails are sent. If you are sending many or big newsletters  then the sending stops after the time specified in "max execution time" the screen is refreshed with status information and posting continues after some time (be patient). After all newsletters are sent you will see the page with the list of all sent newsletters(you can find the same information in a log).

Handling timeouts (white screen).

Sending a bulk mail can result in server timeout. It is usually due to that not all emails may be sent before the server times out. Especially if you send a large amounts of data in your newsletters  or if use a slow sever you will experience HTTP error 500.  

Usually you will be able to continue to send newsletters simply by pressing F5 to refresh the browser. If it does not help stop sending and go back to your  "Publish" screen. If you are still in the same browser the "Restore" field will contain number for the last sent newsletter. Change value of "max execution time" in your configuration to something lower and push the "Publish" button again. Newsletter resumes sending the subsequent newsletters. If "Restore" field is empty then you will find the number of the last posted newsletter in the log file. Enter this value in "Restore" filed and continue as described above.

When restoring the sending the counter shows the total number of sent emails.

Multilanguage sites

Create different subscription and newsletter pages for each second language site and then newsletter will create corresponding mailing lists.  You may not use the same newsletters names in different langauge files as they will use the same mailings list..

"Subscribe Newsletter" + "Newsletter" on your main cmsimple page
"Subscribe Newsletter EN" + "Newsletter EN" on your 2lang page in English
"Subscribe Newsletter FR" + "Newsletter FR" on your 2lang page in French

Updating subscribers list trough other plugins

Newsletter contains external function that can be accessed by other plugins. For instance signe for a membership and a newsletter in the same form. To do that call the function extern_AddSubscriberToList(" Newsletter_name", $email); included in index.php of Newsletter plugin.

Form Mailer plugin includes function user_function() from where you can call to Newsletter. 

5. Compatibility

The Newsletter plugin is tested with CMSimple_XH version 1.7 and php version 7.

It was tested with more than 1000 real mail addresses and mails up to 2MB large.

The Newsletter was successfully checked as HTML 4.01 Transitional and  HTML 1.0 Transitional.  

6. History 

7. Known problems

Some mail servers destroys confirmation link when "mail confirm subscription" is configured as user. See cmsimpleforum.

8. Future development

9. Acknowledgement

The inspiration to this plugin comes from geniz.
Mailing facility is based on PHPMailer.
Slovak translation by Tata.
French translation by MicroVintage.
German translation by b&s creations 
Dutch translation by bastingse and svasti

10. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

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