Jquery marquee plugin, originally developed to integration with Full Calendar plugins (not released yet), but can be run as an independent plugin.

This is a Marquee. Hold a mouse over the text to pause scrolling. Marquee call may be a part of a link.
CMSimple plugin: Marquee
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A second marquee. You can have as many marquees on same page as you like, but your visitors may become insane for all that flickering.
CMSimple plugin: Marquee
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2. Installation 

Download and uncompress the file 
Upload the entire marquee directory to  your "plugins" directory. 

3. Configuration

To activate the Marquee plugin insert {{{marqueee("Some text");}} } . Remember there should be no space between brackets.

4. Compatibility

Tested with CMSimple_XH version 1.7.2 and php 7.1 but should run with any version of CMSimple and php 4.3 or later. 

5. History 

version 1.0.0

6. Known problems 

7. Future development


8. Acknowledgement

 jQuery code by (modified by

9. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

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