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Google Maps

Google maps are based on Google Maps API. It requires Google Api Key and position on the map, ie the latitude and longitude as a plugin call parameters. 

Google Maps plugin is compatible with CMSimple Mobile plugin.

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1. License

GPL3. You are allowed to make code changes in this plugin to tailor it to your needs.This plugin is for personal use and you may not redistribute either original or modified code. By downloading this plugin you agree to this limitation to the GPL license.

2. Installation

Download and uncompress file 

Upload the entire googlemaps folder to  your "plugins" folder. 

3. Configuration

See online help in plugins configuration section. 

To show a map on the page enter { {{googlemaps("latitude_value", "longitude_value","zoom","map type");}}}  (without spaces between { {). Zoom and "Map type" parameters are optional and if they are passed to plugin call they will overwrite defaults defined in plugin configuration.

The map size and other configuration parameters can be changed by preceding a call to googlemaps(...) with a call to function googlemaps_config ("config_parameter", "value") before plugin call, f.ex.:

{ [{Googlemaps_config ("mapsize_height", "600");}}}
{ {{Google Maps (51.508742, -0.120850);}}}

4. Compatibility

Tested with CMSimple_XH version 1.6.7 and php 7 but should run with any version of CMSimple and php 4.3 or later. XH-certified.

5. History 

version 1.0.1 1 released 1.3.2017

  • ssl ready

6. Known problems

7. Future development

8. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

© simpleSolutions 2016

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Newsbox Rotator demo

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Newsbox Rotator demo

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