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Lightbox On Single Page is a simple way to ad a lightbox links to images on single pages.Works both on desktop and mobile devices.


1. License and purchase

Not released yet.

2. Installation

LOSP requires a preinstalled pluginloader and jquery plugin (both included in CMSimple_XH core distribution package version 1.4.1 and higher) and CMSimple Mobile with image resize support from simpleSolutions (not released yet).

3. Configuration and Administration

Please read online help supplied with configuration and administration interface.

 Insert an image and a link to the image on a page.Insert Link In link dialogue select "Lightbox" in field "Relationship Page to Target" under "Advanced" tab.

Insert Lightbox

 and the lightbos link is created. Remember to include a call to plugin { {{PLUGIN: losp ();}}} somewhere on the page

php 7 ready.


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All plugins on this site are validated according to CMSimple_XH standard




Newsbox Rotator demo


Hold the cursor over Newsbox Rotator area to pause rotation.Move the mouse outside area to continue rotation.

In CMSimple XH not published news are not visible in News Rotator.



Newsbox Rotator demo

Newsbox Rotator Test 1

Newsbox_1 test test test


test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 test6 test7 test8 test9

Newsbox Rotator demo

CMSimple plugin: Newsbox Rotator
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