Administration Interface

Gallery Collection plugins have a common Image Administration interface with advanced options for thumb and watermarks creation, multil file upload, file renaming and deletion, image editing and styling.  To view full size pictures on this page click on a picture, if still not readable, click on the icon in upper right corner of the popup. 

All image management is combined in 3 easy steps:

Step 1.

Select an Image Collection Gallery under "Plugin Main Settings" tab.

(Click on images to see them in large format).


Step 2.

Edit thumbs and watermarks in the selected folder. Upload, rename or delete images. Overwrite plugins stylesheet with local settings for the slected folder.

  • Select multiple files to upload with a single push on "upload" button
  • select images to be deleted or rename images and save your changes with a single push on the "Rename & delete" button.
  • Thumbnails can be resized and/or croped to common width or hight or both 
  • Edit waternarks. Watermaks can bee either images (png) or plain text. Position of the watermark is controlled in plugin configuration.
  • Overwrite global plugin stylesheet with the specific css setting for the selcted folder.

Use online help for more information.

Image Slider Admin interface


Step 3.

Edit the selected image, thumb and watermark

  • edit image in image editior (crop, resize, rotate and more).
  • Create or edit image information.
  • Resize/crop a single thumb to improve appearance
  • Change a single watermark

Image editor


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