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This plugin is under construction, right now test and documentation 

Comments is a simple comment system/Guestbook based on jQuery and Ajax. It requires jQuery and tinymce plugis, both distributed with core CMSimple. It includes an authorization system based on a list of registrated emails with 3 levels of user authorisation: 

  1. admin - Site administrator maintains registrated user list
  2. user - registration under creation of the first comment .
  3. user & admin - registration under creation of the first comment with administrator accept.

Comments can be also used without any user registration, Option 2 and 3 are only available in the commercial version.

In addition commercial version includes also possibility of email notification of all registrated users and/or site admininstrator when a new comment is created, and administrator functionality to delete junk comments and blacklist undesirable users.

For test purpose use an email, or a blacklisted email If you want to test commercial authorisations options you have to use your own email.

16.03.2017 13:06

coment from non comment

16.03.2017 13:09

Comment from std

16.03.2017 13:30

real user jj

16.03.2017 13:34

real user with user and admin messages

16.03.2017 13:40

jj with admin message

16.03.2017 13:50

admin message 

16.03.2017 13:56

sdfa fasf asf asf sadf asf as

29.04.2017 11:35


29.04.2017 11:36

sgsxgsbsgs  hddhd  

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Comments plugin © simpleSolutions
1. License 

Comments plugin is released under Remove Link/Commercial License and under Linkware Licens for non ommercial use. 

Price 40,00 €.

To order the Commnets plugin commercial licens please read and accept License Conditions and fill the form with your mail and the adress of the website where you will use this plugin.

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Script by Dagon Design. CMSimple customization by simpleSolutions

Linkware Licens: estricted GPL3. You are allowed to make code changes in this plugin to tailor it to your needs.This plugin is for personal use and you may not redistribute either original or modified code. By downloading this plugin you agree to this limitation to the GPL license.

To download a Linkware version of Comments click on the button below

Not ready yet.

2. Installation 

Comments plugin requires jQuery plugin and tinymce editor (included in CMSimple_XH core distribution package version 1.4.1 and higher).

Download and uncompress 
Upload the entire comments directory to  your "plugins" directory. 

3. Configuration

To activate the Comments plugin insert {{{comments("Group name"[,"Id]);}} } eg {{{comments("comments");}} }. Remember there should be no space between brackets. Group_name can be anything, but must be different if you use different comments on diferent pages. Id is optional.

There may only be one call to Comments plugin per page.


Comments can be used without any kind of security, but it will probably take a short time until the spam comments will be a problem. To prevent this, Comments plugin has a simple security based on a administtrator maintained list of users emails, ie. only users with registered emails can post comments.

Comercial verion includes some more options:

  1. Users can register the first time they write a comment by activating a link supplied in registration e-mail sent from the plugin.
  2. In the same way as in as in paragraph1, but registration requires that administrator accepts user. After the user accepts registration the administrator will receive an email with all user information, ie. name, email and comments content. Administrator can accept user directly from the email (no need to login).

In both cases the comment is visible after finished registration.


Commenrcial version ha an option to send an email notification to all registrated users each time a new comment is posted.

Commenrcial version ha an option to send an email notification to site administrator each time a new comment is posted.

Maintenance of authorized users and deleting junk comments.

Linkware edition includes a tool for maintaining the user list (add, edit and remove)

Commercial version also includes the ability to delete junk comments and blacklist unwanted users. 

4. Compatibility

Tested with CMSimple_XH version 1.6.9 and php 7.1 but should run with any version of CMSimple and php 4.3 or later. XH-certified.

5. History 

version 1.0.0

6. Known problems 

7. Future development

 Encrypting emails list

8. Acknowledgement

Comments plugin is based on rewritten and extended code from webcodo

9. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

© simpleSolutions 2017.

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