CMSimple Mobile

CMsimple Mobile enables your site to automatically switch to a mobile design when a handhold device is detected. You can run your mobile site:

Tablets can be be configurated as handheld or pc.

Images are resized to fit  the screen of a mobile device portrait/landscape orientation of a mobile device is supported.

Check this site and the image below on your smartphone (tNB! tablets are treated as desktop on this site). 

Test image watch it on a smartphone 

1. License


2. Installation

Download and uncompress file 

Upload the entire cmsimplemobile directory to  your "plugins" directory. 

3. Configuration

See online help in plugins configuration section. To activate image resize on mobile devices you have to embed the content  in an id defined in plugin configuration (default is content).

<div id="content">
  <?php echo content();?>

4. History

Version 2.3.0
Bug fix. Redirection url changed to redirection to internal or external url.

Version 2.2.0
CMSimple XH version 1.7.x ready
mobile_content_class changed to mobile_content_id, content must be wrappen in <div id="content">...</div> in mobile template. The id value is defined in $plugin_cf['cmsimplemobile']['mobile_content_id'] in plugin config, default is content.
Updated Mobile_Detect.php.

Version 2.1.1
PHP 7 ready

Version 2.1.0
Solved missing image resize inside div tag
The mobile_content_id (defined in plugin config)) can be used any place in template not only on content (i.e. in footer))
Updated Mobile_Detect.php

Version 2.0.0
Added jquery script to resize images on mobile devices.
Image size on mobile devices is based on an aspect ratio calculated from the width of the content part of your original website and the width of the screen of a mobile device (portrait or landscape.
Further the mobile content must be embeded in a class with a name defined in Cmsimplemobile plugins configuration (mobile_content_id).

Version 1.0.0
CMsimple Mobile enables your website to automatically switch to a mobile design when a handhold device is detected.  You can run your mobile site: In an alternate special designed template. From an internal hidden page that links to selected pages on your site and in a custom or special designed template. Switch to an external mobile edition of your site. This plugin does not require use of cookies. Tablets can be be configurated as handheld or pc.

6. Known Problems

7. Future development

8. Acknowledgement

Mobile_Detect class v.2.x by Serban Ghita and Nick Ilyin (released under MIT license)

9. Disclaimer

This CMSimple plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of fitnes for a particualr purpose.

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